Your pet will be cremated alone with no other pets.
 0-5lbs     $100.00
6-15lbs    $120.00
16-25lbs   $165.00
26-50lbs   $195.00
51-75lbs   $235.00
76-100lbs  $265.00
101+lbs     $330.00

  Your pet is cremated with another pet.  However, they are separate
and the cremains are swept out individually. 
 0-5 Lbs        $ 90.00
6-15 Lbs        $100.00
16-49 Lbs      $130.00
50-100 Lbs    $165.00
Several pets are cremated together. No cremains are returned to the family.
The cremains are scattered on the property. 
 0-25 Lbs       $35.00
26-50 Lbs     $65.00
51-75 Lbs      $85.00
76-100 Lbs   $120.00
**Pick up Service**
Pick ups are available for home or veterinary clinics.
Charges apply.
**On Call Service**
We are available 7 days a week to serve you and your pet.
Visitors are always welcome to our facility.